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Have you ever imagined how the ration you get from the supermarket every now and then is grown? Agriculture is a very difficult task and very often confusing even for those that practice it the entire year.
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Not only does growing crops require hard work and dedication but also in-depth knowledge of the field and the crop in question.
We at VLC fill in the knowledge gap for all that seek to improve on their farming practices. In addition.

our job also extends to help in land care to ensure that agricultural practices keep improving. We operate in Australia and wish to make an impact with our services.


With what services, you ask. Our services are as follows:


We provide consultation for the best practices in agriculture and land care to help out. Our consultation practices are confined to the room and help you find out what you have been doing wrong on the field. We advise about better practices for agriculture and your land.

Our consultation

Our consultation comes from the experts in the field that not only understand the science behind everything but also know how to sway everything in your favor.


In addition to just sitting in a room and helping you learn about your land and agriculture, we also go out and help you experience the true power of support.

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How To Improve Your Office Safety

How To Improve Your Office Safety

Offices are exposed to different risks. The Office management is required to take appropriate steps for the security of the staff working there and also to protect its equipment and records. This requires development of Standard Operating Procedures to ensure protection of life and wealth. Rapid changes taking place in the geo political system have increased threats besides the current pandemic that caused havoc to human life and also increased need for standardization of procedures. It is therefore imperative to segregate the SOP’s for life and assets protection separately.

Identification of Risks Exposed

Security threats are directly associated with the nature of the business. Some offices have higher customer relationing while some serve as back offices having very little interaction with the outsiders. Some offices have cash handling while some may not have. The extent of security measures require proper acumen to identify risk for suitable risk mitigation steps.

Life Security Measures

In view of the current wave of Covid 19, entrance in the offices should be allowed only on wearing masks and use of sanitizers. The layout of the offices should be revisited to comply with social distancing. Threat of pandemics has also increased the need for fumigation and disinfection on regular intervals. Random clinical tests can also be an added step.

The people working in offices are also exposed to threat of terrorism. For offices that do not have frequent customers or visitors may install security cameras on the entrance and entrance be only through biometric verifications. This may lead to decrease the possibility of intrusion. An armed security guard be deployed to combat any untoward eventuality. Proper recording be maintained in accordance with the nature of business. If the office has cash handling then appropriate measures be adopted in this regard. These may include installation of a security alarm system with proper panic buttons.Once installed these should not be left away periodical testing be made mandatory.

 Tangible Assets Security Measures

The assets in the offices are also exposed to different risks including risk of theft and fire etc. Installation of security cameras can minimize the risk of theft. Fire in the offices may be caused due to electricity or negligence. Installation of Smoke alarm system and fire fighting equipment  is vital to ensure proper security of the assets of the office. With the installation of fire fighting equipment the most important security measure is the monitoring of these equipment to determine their workability whenever a situation arises. 


 All offices have their own MIS. The MIS is exposed to the threat of hacking. Appropriate strategy should be developed to adopt measures to ensure security of data. Maintenance of parallel records can also be a good strategy in this regard.

Proper Training

Security system and safety equipment melbourne installed is to be operated by the people working in the office. After a careful screening suitable personnel be identified for proper training and this should be done on a continuous basis. Particular care be taken in sharing classified information on security aspects including passwords etc.These passwords should be revised periodically.

Smartphones, how to take pictures of landscapes

Smartphones, how to take pictures of landscapes

Until a few years ago, we couldn’t have imagined that we could take spectacular photographs simply by using our smartphone . The cameras of the telephones were limited to framing and shooting, and the result was not in the least comparable to that of a professional machine. Today, the situation has completely changed: most devices have photographic lenses comparable to those of cameras and the Camera app integrates functions suitable for professional photographers.

Not to mention that the latest models even provide the RAW format that allows you to work files with photo editing software, further improving the final result. Thanks to all this series of factors you can take beautiful photographs of panoramas and landscapes , people or other subjects. And with some tricks you can even get shots comparable to those of an SLR. Here are some tricks for taking pictures of landscapes with your smartphone .

Your phone is capable of taking beautiful pictures of the landscape , but think what you could get by equipping it with the right equipment. Fortunately, it is not necessary to invest high sums : there are solutions and technologies suitable for every budget.

The products are to make excellent outdoor photos. The first one we recommend is the clip-on lens , an accessory that allows you to direct the light towards the sensor and better control various parameters, including exposure. Clip-on lenses are very easy to use because they attach to the phone with a clothespin. Some solutions also allow you to take photos with the wide angle. Among the best lenses for smartphones stand out those proposed by Moment , available for iPhone, Galaxy, Huawei and OnePlus.

The second smartphone holder is the lens adapter which allows you to change the photo filter quickly. In many cases, the filter is magnetic so you can rest it on the lens to change the shades and filters of the image.

Neutral density graduated filters are of particular importance , which allow different shades to be applied to the whole image or only laterally. These solutions can be used to improve the photos of the landscape when the sky is too bright: the upper sides are darker and prevent the image from having a homogeneous and too monotonous color.

The third item that cannot be missing from your purse is a power bank . If you love taking pictures in the open air, surely you will have to stay many hours away from home: a backup battery will prevent the phone from turning off just when you are about to take the best image of your life.

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