VLC response to Victorian Budget 2016

Over the years Landcare has consistently advocated  that governments, Catchment Management Authorities and Landcare have a common objective of  fostering communities that are aware, engaged and active in ensuring Australian landscapes are healthier, better protected, better managed, more resilient and provide essential ecosystem services in a changing world.

Three of the key priorities Landcare advocates for are:

  1. Landcare facilitators
  2. Community grants
  3. Strong partnerships

The Victorian government's budget is the end result of government consulting with the best thinking that can be mustered as they prepared their plans. The Victorian Landcare Council has welcomed the invitation and the opportunity to actively participate in those processes and we commend the Victorian government budget for the support offered in each of the three key priority areas for Landcare.

Upcoming Events

Forum for Landcare Professionals

This forum reinforces the commitment of the newly established peak Victorian Landcare organisation, Landcare Victoria Inc., to professional development in the landcare community, and builds on the legacies of both the founding partners, the Victorian Landcare Council and Farm Tree and Landcare Association.
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